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Hiking Trails in Tuscany on the Apennines

Hiking in Tuscany is always an extraordinary experience. The holiday farm is run by an official mountain guide of the Casentino Forests National Park, who has chosen for his guests some of the most beautiful ring hikes on way marked trails to be walked starting from the farm house.

Click on the underlined titles to view the hiking maps and elevation profiles of the excursions.

Easy Walks in the Farmstead
lasting around 1 hour near the farm

Up to the Stream
A few steps to the mountain stream below the house to enjoy the cool and play with rafts and bridges.

Through the Farm's Woods and Meadows
A stroll between past and present in the countryside that is typical for the ancient farms in the Apennines.

Short Nature Walks for all
to get acquainted with the natural environment

The waterfalls Trail in the Apennine - 1,30 h
On the ancient road which formerly linked Tuscany with Emilia-Romagna through the Apennines, along the stream, whose course is slowed by some waterfalls.

The excursion of the Ancient Chestnut Trees - 1,45 h
A walk in a centuries-old chestnut wood still cultivated in our times. With the fruits of it formerly was made the "Bread of the Forest" .

Classic Excursions around the Tuscan Farmhouse
Half-day Hikes on Ancient Paths

Paths in the Tuscan Landscape of the Apennines - 3 h
After climbing the mountain in front of the house, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire Casentino Valley and cross the typical Tuscan landscape of the Apennines.


Half-Day Walk in the Footsteps of the Tuscan Mountain Architecture 1 - 4 h
In the cool shade of the forest, you pass old buildings that are characteristic of the Tuscan Apennines; among them a former church and the remains of a monastery.
Half-day Trail in the Footsteps of the Tuscan Mountain Architecture 2 - 5 h

Day Hikes for Trained Excursionists
Magnificent Forests and Great Views

Hiking on the Apennines Ridge - 6 h
Wonderful panoramas combined with the view on the "virgin forest" of Sasso Fratino integral nature reserve, the heart of the National Park. The Area is UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Walking Tour on the Highest Peaks of the Tuscan National Park- 7.30 h
A hiking trail to the highest mountains in Tuscany with an elevation of more than 5.000 feet. At a short distance you can reach the sources of the Arno River, the famous river of Florence.

Hike on the Pilgrim Way to the Hermitage of Camaldoli - 6.30 h
With the slow and steady rhythm of pilgrims you can get to the Hermitage of Camaldoli along medieval trails and through centuries-old woods.

Important Information

● The walking times indicated on the hiking maps are for average trained hikers and do not take breaks.
Hiking boots are always recommended.
● Most of the trails can be traveled by mountain bike.
The trails are all marked with signs and white and red paint. Only a small part is going to be completed.

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